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Three Reasons Why Bride's Family Pays Dowry in India

One of the most unique cultural phenomena in the world is Indians propensity to pay dowry for the groom instead of what the rest of the world does.

Picture Courtesy. Indian wedding.

Indians have been naturalized as a Kenyan tribe according to the constitution of Kenya.

The groom, in almost every culture across the world has been known to pay dowry before they can be allowed to marry the bride and subsequently do a wedding if they want.

However, Indians have always embraced the idea of the bride's family paying the dowry and until now, many have never understood why.

Below are the three most compelling reasons as to why the family of the bride pays dowry in India:

Gift to In-laws

This is one of the reasons why the family of the bride gives the grooms family the dowry in most of India.

This is a good gesture that the in-laws are in good terms and they hope to continue their relationship.

Insurance For The Bride

In case the bride ever decided to leave the husband, then it would serve as her insurance out of the marriage.

This is widely evident in most cultures where divorce is practiced and the couple have to slit the family wealth between each other.

This would enable her to stand on her feet if the two part ways.

Picture Courtesy. Indian wedding.

Father's Inheritance

The family wealth was divided only among the sons and not the daughters. So the father of the bride would give a share of his property to his daughter WILLINGLY as a token of his love towards her at the time of her marriage.

Here, the keywords being - "willingly" and "to the daughter" and not the son-in-law.

Picture courtesy. Indian wedding.

What do you think about this practice by the Indians? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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