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When the Teachers Should Expect The Mass Transfer as TSC Explains The Main Hindrance to This.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), an autonomous government body, was established by the Kenyan constitution to manage and coordinate the human resources in the educational sector. Its headquarters are in Nairobi, the capital of the country, and Dr. Nancy Macharia now serves as its CEO.

The commission is getting ready to act on a widespread transfer of teachers to their home regions as instructed by the new government. Over the past few years, teachers have been delocalized and relocated outside of their home counties in an effort to promote regional integration.

According to TSC, the mass transfer of teachers will start as early as December 2022 in order to be prepared for the school opening as of next year, and Dr. Nancy Macharia has also insisted on the promotion of the teachers being done freely and transparently, which means there is no corruption required.

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