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Man Left Confused As Safaricom's M-PESA Starts Sending Customers Messages With 7 Days Ultimatum

A man was today, 14 March 2023, left confused after Safaricom's M-PESA sent him a message with Man a seven-day ultimatum.M-PESA sent the man a message, warning him that in the next seven days, his pin in M-PESA will be declared dormant, which means the pin will not be operational.

"Your operator identity PAUL NJOROGE.\PN in M-PESA will be changed to dormant in 7 days," a warning message from M-PESA read.

The man took to social media to raise concern after he received the message, not knowing what M-PESA wanted him to do considering he had not been instructed on what to do next so that the pin is not declared dormant

"This morning, I received this! What did I not do for my Mpesa to be announced dormant?" the man posed.

For starters, M-PESA sends such messages to till numbers or rather to till number owners which are no longer being used. In this case, Paul Njoroge opened a till number using his name but has not been in use for a while, which could be the reason why M-PESA is warning him.

The only way of keeping active is by having customers pay for services and goods using the till number.

Still, on the same, Senator Olekina Ledama also took to social media to raise a complaint to Safaricom after the till number he used to pay for the fuel returned a different till number.

Ledama believed there was an issue with the Safaricom App. Safaricom took his concern as feedback and forwarded engineers

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