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Kenyans Reactions After KIEMS KIT Failed To Identify Rigathi Gachagua's Fingerprints

Rigathi Gachagua went early in the morning to Nyeri county, so that he could cast his vote. Gachagua casted his vote at Sagana primary school, but things were not easy for him. The KIEMS KIT machine failed to identify Gachagua's fingerprints, and he had to wiped his fingerprints with the handkerchief several times. Gachagua's efforts bore no fruits, therefore the IEBC officials had to turn to manual register.

They used Rigathi Gachagua's ID card, so that they could identify him. He was then given the papers at he casted his vote by 7:39 am. Governor Anyang' Nyong'o has also complained of the slow process of KIEMS KIT, and he urges the IEBC officials to do something.

Governor Anyang' Nyong'o has casted his vote, and he is very confident of winning again. On the other hand Rigathi Gachagua is very confident that the IEBC will conduct a free and fair elections, and that there will be no issues which will arise.

Kenyans went online to react to Rigathi Gachagua's problem, therefore let us look at some of their reactions online. Chris Mwendo told Gachagua that he is very lucky, yet he was opposing the manual register together with deputy president William Ruto. Chris Mwendo said Gachagua would have went home without voting, if the IEBC didn’t allow manual register to be used.

Kilonzo Fn said that Rigathi Gachagua and his team were the same people who were opposing the manual register, therefore shame should befall upon them. Noah Ngure was so surprised, and he said that Gachagua would have went home without voting, if they would have not allowed manual register to be used.

Joseph Oloo said that this guy is a scammer, because they rejected the manual register. They went to the high court, so that hey can appeal the use of manual register. Joseph Oloo said that these people must surely loose, after the election period is over.

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