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Sultana:Mbuya Becomes Drunk and Confronts Dida

Today's episode Mbuya is annoyed of Dida because she left and didn't come back. Mbuya takes alcohol and wants to drink. Maria tells him is not good idea but Mbuya has decided. Mbuya will take some glasses of alcohol and tells Maria to take him out for sun rays.

Dida will be back and meets Maria and Mbuya. Dida will try to hug his father but Mbuya will push her away. Mbuya tells Dida that she has disrespected him in front of Maria.

Mbuya asks Dida if she has decided to become Fatima because she left without informing them. Dida tells Mbuya she can't live as prisoner and has freedom to go where she wants.

Dida reminds Mbuya that they are living in his friends house and she has to work for food and clothing. Dida also wants to continue with his project for a better life. Dida tells Mbuya that parents are not perfect but they make mistakes. Mbuya will lack words to say and Dida leaves.

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