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'Disabled' Street Beggar Caught In A Video Conning Mombasa Residents Their Money

As said disability is not inability. Nobody requests to be born with disability but it is just because of nature. Many people who are born disabled are able to do some kind of work that will give them money at the long last. It is unfortunate that some have resorted to ho and beg money and some other material belongings in the streets so as to earn a living.

Today a 'disabled' woman in the streets of Mombasa was caught begging for money from the residents. This woman has been reported to have been doing this act for sometime in the streets for which she carried her small baby along.

Sensing something fishy, the residents untied all the clothes she had used to deceive people that she was disabled in the legs. It was by surprise to note that this woman wasn't disabled at all and was just begging to earn a living.

She was thus taken to record a statement in the police station. Some good Samaritans bought some clothes for the little child and she was with at the streets. Here's the link to watch the video:

Do you think it was wise for this woman to go and beg at the streets? Leave your comments behind.

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