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Don’t just stop at being a millionaire, billionaire world is waiting for you


Being the next billionaire, is not all about owning the latest car in the market. It more of a process than just waking up one day, then suddenly Forbes ranking you position one in the list of the wealthiest people in the globe. If you were to ask Bill Gates what being a Billionaire it takes, he tell you it’s more than hard work, commitment and sacrifice. Below are list of things to enable you be the next billionaire.

Billionaires solve a billionaire worth problem. Elon Musk solved pollution by fueled vehicles by manufacturing electricity driven vehicles. He partners with Panasonic, a japan based company, in the making of batteries that can hold power to sustain a vehicle for a long distances. As well, Bill Gates, who according to Forbes latest statistics, his net worth is $128.9 billion. He founded Microsoft Corporation that concerns manufacture of software and hardware utilities of computers. Bill gates solved scarcity of technological advancement, which was worth much capital but greater output.

Partnering with experts in the related field. Solving big problems require big minds equipped with excellent skills and ideas. Also, professionals at hand, quicken the process of reaching solution. For example, Elon musk relocated neighborhood of space industries geographical location, to access the professional experts. Within a short span, space X was founded and many of the aims met in 5 years period. Experts have experienced different challenges and have solutions for them. Being an oasis of expertise, experts have vast knowledge and understanding of various ideas. Being close to them can’t disappoint!

Let money work for you. When I first encountered with this phrase, I thought it was some exaggeration. By digging deeper, I discovered its meaning. Billionaires hire experts to work for them instead of doing it by themselves. money they pay these experts surpasses the money they make.

I hope the simple hacks will help you get to the next place in life. Lastly I would say, start small do not give up, some of us we start from humble beginning then we persevere till we achieve even more than we though.

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