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Facts on the deadliest squad in Kenya, The Recce squad

Recce squad is an elite paramilitary unit of the General service Unit.

How does Recce squad form?

After a basic training in Embakasi, a group of GSU recruits who show an exemplary talent in the field are taken to magadi Field training camp for more training. They are latter taken to Solio ranch and then Ruiru college. After a good time of training they are taken to abroad, Israel and UK to expand their training and studies.

Recce squad use the most sophisticated weapons. Their service weapon is the 5.56mm caliber M16 assault riffle.

They are the group which saved the situation the last time Al-shabab group attacked West Gate shopping mall in Kenya in 2014. They managed to cool down everything in just some few hours although the militants managed to escape after killing 67 people and injuring more than 105 people.

They are the group which responded to Weston attack the other day. They managed to gun down the terrorist in a shorter time than expected.

Kenya has more than 5000 paramilitary, 2000 of them have been adequately trained in Israel and ready fir anything.

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