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5 Fun facts that will crack your ribs

1. Snake can predict earthquakes

They sense an earthquake or any vibration 70 miles away, that is five days before it happens.

2. Lifting a kangaroos tail can make them fall

They use their tails to keep balance of their bodies, so lifting its tail can subject them to gravitational imbalance.

3. You can produce up to fifty thousand Litres of saliver.

One grown up man can produce an average of two Litres of saliver per day, which gives approximately seven hundred and thirty Litres of saliver per year.

Life expectancy is averagely seventy years and above meaning fifty thousand Litres of saliver are produced in a Lifetime.

4. Polar Bear can smash eithy six penguins in a single day.

That's why they live where penguins are.

5. Pig orgasm can last up to 90 minutes.

Sus scrofa pig species can last up to ninety minutes on top, enough to start a football match till end.

An average man lasts for four to five minutes, now we know who is the real man.

Content created and supplied by: Kiprotich_Kemboi (via Opera News )

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