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How Moi Rewarded Army Officer Who Suppressed The 1982 Coup

Kenya faced one of the toughest periods in its history as an attempt at overthrowing the Presidency was witnessed.

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Led by Senior Private Hezekiah Ochukah, the low ranking officers in the Kenya Air Force attempted to take over the State House in a move that did not go according to plan.

However, for a few hours, they were able to convince Kenyans that they had taken over the country after broadcasting on the radio the takeover.

Leonard Mambo Mbotela, one of the veteran radio presenters in the country was held at gunpoint and forced to make an announcement on radio.

However, one army officer is credited for mobilizing some officers and suppressing the 1982 coup d'etat.

General Mohamud Haji Mohamed Barrow is given credit for being the army officer who took charge when his seniors we're still unsure of what to do at the time.

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It was with the best crack shots in the 1st Battalion, Kenya Rifles that General Mohamed used when he led Major Wanambisi, Major Kithinji, Major Kiritu, Major Cheboi and Major Humphrey Njoroge to the KBC (then Voice of Kenya) headquarters where the rebelling soldiers operated from, and restored order.


The President, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi owed so much gratitude to this army Commander who successfully mobilized the team that stopped the coup.

For his bravery, the deputy in the army was elevated to Chief of General Staff of the Kenya Defence Forces in 1986.

For someone who hardly saw the inside of a primary school classroom, but rose from a private in the army, the lowest rank in the military food chain and without any special skills to the apex top, his achievement was one reason his blood relations still coo in eternal ululation to this day.

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