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The Most Dangerous Country In The World (PHOTOS)

There is no doubt that many countries around the world are safe for visit due to stable government and good security system. However there are a number of countries also with poor security system and unstable government, in fact according to Travel Risk map, these countries are unsafe to visit.

Therefore in this article, we are going to look at the most dangerous country in the world. Dangerous in that, terrorism, insurgency, unrest, petty crimes and wars are rampant. Besides, emergency services are least provided in this country with greater threat of natural calamities.

Therefore according to latest Travel Risk map analysis, a map that predicts safest countries as well as least safe countries in the world, considered Afghanistan a country in South Asia to be the most dangerous country in the world. Afghanistan scored as low as 3.631when ranking safest countries in the world making her the most dangerous country in the world.

Moreover you will agree with me that terrorism has been order of the day in Afghanistan, not long ago when the country's government was overthrown by terrorist group Taliban causing a lot of havoc in the country. Below are some of the amazing pictures of insecurities ever experienced in Afghanistan.


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