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Al Shabaab attacks African Union camp

Terrosist group in Somalia, the al Shabaab , has again launched an attack on Africa Union mission troop camp in Shabelle region.

The group launched a car bomb and gun attack with Africa Union soldiers on Tuesday May 3rd.

Mohamed Nur , a local elder, said that they were woken up on Tuesday morning by huge blasts which was coming from the African Union military base. It was then followed by a series of gunfire exchange.

Al Shabaab group which has since then been trying to overthrow the government and set up their system which is based on strict Sharia law.

"The mujahideen launched a pre-dawn raid on African Union mission military base in El Baraf, middle Shabelle region, "Al Shabaab said in a statement.

"After a fierce fight, the mujahedeen managed to overrun the base and are now in complete control of the entire base, "

Al Shabaab has now been causing a lot of tension in the horn of Africa region due to there frequent bombing of the region especially in towns around the country capital city, Mogadishu.

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