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How Terrorist Attacks Have Brought Up Reforms In National Security

President Uhuru Kenyatta's government has improved in intelligence gathering and dissemination.President Kenyatta has come together with our European countries to make a deal with them,this has given the kenyan defence forces a chance to better their skills.

According to the 2014 security amendment act,the country has amended all its security laws to strengthen anti-terror legislative framework and established agencies to deal especially with the terror threat.

The reforms,ranging from the changes in structure and command,integration of regular and administration police,change of uniform, rebranding of colleges,introduction of housing allowances for junior officers,are meant to make the police force more efficient.

Training services have been efficiently conducted which have equiped the security members with the most digital trends in their services.

The Government continues to implement initiatives aimed at improving their working and living conditions among them the expanded medical and housing schemes.

Considering the concerns of every part of the community has been a major boost to the security systems and in this the youth have been pulled in thus creating a joint relationship in combating terror cases.

The governments unprecedented changes we have seen in the security of our country and the level of investment that has gone into the security sector is actually testament to the level of interest and focus in securing Kenyans,our property and the country.

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