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The Best Thing KDF Soldiers Enjoy About Serving in Somalia [Opinion]

Somalia is one of the places that send shivers even into the spine of fully trained soldiers as it has been considered one of the most dangerous regions to operate in. Despite this, gallant soldiers have still put their best foot forward to sacrifice for the sake of their countrymen.

Although Somalia has for long been considered one of the most dangerous African countries, the region brings some immense benefits to ground soldiers serving there. According to what I think, KDF soldiers deployed inside Somalia to fight al-Shabaab receive better remuneration than those stationed inside the country.

This is because their allowances such as risk allowance are increased. Also, should they get injured in combat, they are airlifted to specialized medical hospitals to receive top-notch medical care. Not failing to mention is the great retirement package and pride that comes in restoring peace in other countries. Give a message of hope if you think KDF gallant soldiers are doing a great job.

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