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Top 10 Mightiest Militaries in the World 2020

Many ask questions on how the might of militaries across the globe is determined. Are they ranked based on the number of weapons, military personnel or vehicles?

Actually the expenditure of the military in over the the last decade is the main factor used. Countries need to spend billions of money to develop a new technology used in making modern weapons.

The weapons produced by using this technology are more expensive as compared to those ones made using old technology. Here is latest defence budget data for the year 2020 as tracked by Global Firepower.

Another factor used is the number of active personnel and the total number of weapons.

The methodology used here assessed the diversity of each country’s weapons and available manpower; it also considers the available natural resources and the status of local industry(manufacturing weapons).

Here is a list of 10 best militaries in the world according latest ranking in 2020.(Source: Global Firepower).

1. United States of America (USA)

2. Russia

3. China

4. India


6.South Korea

7. France

8. United Kingdom

9. Egypt

10. Brazil

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