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Fresh Details Emerge As Brave Man Recounts How He Followed The Suspects For Hours Before Arrest

Following the succesful arrest of the three terror suspects who luckily escaped from Kamiti maximum prison, citizens have quickly come out to applaud one patriotic man for making a wise decision. He talked of having spotted the men trekking in the bushes far away from the highway. He said that he followed the suspicious men for sometime before informing authorities who acted swiftly.

The men were believed to have bought alot of water and their looks were worn out leaving locals with questions on their where abouts. Dangerously the man went on to take a selfie minutes after the men were arrested which is deemed dangerous as he may be the priority of the Terrorists for causing such mission not to succeed.

The terror suspects had been on their way to boni forest and finally transverse around Boni forest and get into Somalia where the other millitan groups are. The puzzle on how they managed to disappear consider the heavy security of the prison becomes of concern as the place is heavily guarded through out. What are your thoughts about this matter? Be sure to follow me for such informative articles too. Thanks for your time readers💪

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