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Kenyan Shilling Equated To Other East African Countries Currency

Kenya is ranked top in East African region in terms of developent and other factors among them the military superiority that the country has exhibited in the fight against terrorism for instance, the case of Somalia where Kenya Defence Forces officers were deployed to fight terrorist group of Alshabab which they became victorious.

Kenya using shilling as her currency and below is how the Kenyan shillimg is worth compared to other currencies in the East African region.

Ethiopian Birr = Ksh 2.38

Burundian Franc = Ksh 0.056

Comorian Franc = Ksh 0.26

Djboutian Franc = Ksh 0.62

Malawian Kwacha = Ksh 0.14

Mauritarian Rupee = Ksh 2.59

Mozambican Metical = Ksh 1.74

Rwandan Franc = Ksh 0.11

Sychellois Rupee = Ksh 8.25

Somalian Shilling = Ksh 0.19

Tanzanian Shilling = Ksh 0.048

Ugandan Shilling = Ksh 0.031

Zambian Kwacha = Ksh 6.56

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