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Why Bandits Carry Soaked Maize, Sugar And Water During Raid Revealed

Mr. Jackson Chemjor, who also served seven years at the volatile Chemoe border in Baringo North, said the bandits have more than enough ammunition and can fight all day without running out. This revelation comes as the Kenya Defense Force (KDF) continues to ambush the bandits in the northern rift. Many people have revealed the secret lifestyle of the bandits. Among these people is Mr. Jackson Chemjor.

Bandits use bags made of goat skin because they believe goat skin is durable, readily available, and can be used by one person for a long time and passed down from generation to generation. " Because they walk long distances, they carry sugar, water, and soaked corn on their backs to replenish their energy," he added.

A documentary about the lives of bandits was produced by Nation Media Group and published. For a very long time, bandits have been a source of fear for the residents of the North Rift.

Joseph Chesang, a former police reservist from porous Kesumet in Baringo North, says that the bandits' familiarity with weapons at such a young age is just one indication that they can receive training from seasoned individuals such as ex-soldiers. He says this is just one of several signs that the bandits can receive training from such individuals. According to Mr. Chesang, a seven-year reservist, the cattle rustlers typically carry AK-47s and G3 rifles and conceal their ammunition in containers of water. Mr. Chesang has served as a reservist for seven years.

Another reservist named Jackson Chemjor stated that the invading bandits had a lot of ammunition and were prepared to battle all day. Seven years were spent by Chemjor patrolling the treacherous boundary between Baringo North and Chemoe.

These three things are required and prepared before the bandits go to raid any company; when they go on a raid, they carry sugar to rejuvenate their bodies, corn that has been soaked for their daily food, and water to quench their thirst. Sugar, corn, and water are all things that bandits carry with them when they go on a raid.

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