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Top 4 Things You Will Notice in Any Barracks Entrance in Kenya

Barracks are places where the government has set for a majority of soldiers to reside. They are also places where the training of recruits preparing to be soldiers takes place.

Normally, civilians are allowed to enter the barracks since members of KDF fraternity have got family members and friends who are civilians.

When approaching the gates of any military barrack in Kenya, you are likely to notice some things. First, you will noticve the heavy presence of armed soldiers manning the gate to provide security.

Also, a person is likely to see an identification area where people entering produce their national IDs and explain where they are going inside the military facility.

A heavy high wall with barbed wire on top is also a conspicous feature of any army barracks which cannot escape the eye. Finally, a person will see the high flying flag of the country at the entrance.

Leave a positive message for our soldiers if you think they are doing a great job.

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