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Meet The Late Libya Head Of State Who Preferred Female Guards Than Male Guards

During the year 2010 Libya was the talk of day due to the different political ideologies which echoed in all the streets of Libya and the head of the state was at his toes and he was almost facing a coup.

It was the era of al-Gaddafi,who was referred as as Colonel Gaddafi who had previously served in the military .He was famous because of his revolutionary stand and belief . He served as a politician and also as the head of state who was a theorist. 

Colonel Gadaffi the state leader by then during the Battle of Sirte was captured and killed on October 2011 where he was found dead in a culvert by the National Transitional Council forces. 

 Gaddafi liked to employ a cadre of female bodyguards because he believed that an Arab gunman would have difficulty firing at women.

The bodyguards also took oaths of virginity, and who also dressed in camouflage. They were liked also they were loyal and they were committed to their work because they had no families so their committed was on full basis.

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