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Apart From Killing Osama, Capture and Arresting Noriega, See What You Don't Know About US Navy SEALs

US Navy SEALs is one of the most powerful special unit in the US Military. SEALs means Navy,Land and Air special operators. This military special unit was established in 1962 and has done a lot of good to its home country as well as worldwide. The US Navy SEALs has earned its reputation due to its ability to undertake more challenging operations known to USA government with a lot of success. Moreover its soldiers are highly trained and can perform operations both in the land, sea and air.

To fully join the Navy SEALs, one undergoes intense training and several testing period. One has to be physically fit as well as mentally. Training such as parachute jump one also under goes. In fact this special unit was only meant for men until 2015 where women could also join. However up to date,it is dominated by men.

Their operations are carried under top secrets and with no betrayals. The unit has succeeded in several operations such as killing of world's biggest terrorist Osama Bin Laden in 2011, capturing and arresting Manuel Noriga who was a dictator in Panama as well as drug trafficker, rescue aid in Somalia,inversion of Grenada and many others. Indeed this special unit has helped. Below are their amazing pictures.

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