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Story of Pkemoi, a reformed bandit explains how bandits share roles during a raid, including snipers

Being a bandit is a very hard lifestyle, Enock Pkemoi,26 years reformed bandit from Tiaty West's, dropped out of school in Standard Three and was immediately drawn into the life. There was a devastating drought at the time, and herders were forced to drive their livestock further afield, even as far as Kainuk in neighboring Turkana County, in search of pasture and water. That's when he had to learn to shoot a gun, which is a necessary skill for a herder in a volatile region where cattle theft is common.

Herders, he said, would walk hundreds of kilometers in search of water and pasture, despite the harsh weather and rough terrain. As a result, he became tough and adapted to jungle life. They planned to stay away from home for several months, until the rains returned."I recall raiding a community in Kainuk, Turkana, once. "There were over 50 of us, and everyone had a role to play, from those who could shoot and steal to those who shielded the group or drove away the stolen livestock," he explained."Senior herders used to teach us how to use guns and the dos and don'ts of the battlefield in case the perceived enemy struck. "I became a sharpshooter in a short period of time," he explained.As time goes Pkemoi progressed from herder to bandit, stealing animals in Baringo, West Pokot, Turkana, and Elgeyo Marakwet despite the risks. From 2009 to 2012, he was away from home.Three of his closest village friends also joined him and were recruited as raiders. One of them was killed by a gunshot. "We took his gun and left his body for hyenas to eat. Of course, we didn't have time to transport it hundreds of kilometers away for burial. "We later divided the livestock and each took eight cows," he explained.

Actually bandits not only go to war without planning, they know the bandit who would shoot (sniper, sharpshooter), steal the cattle (target) to those who shielded the group and those who would drove away the livestock


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