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The Mighty Dragon: Chinese Fifth Generation Fighter Jet

Rivalry either brings out the best or the worst among the rivals. If it happens in a business environment, the competitors may be forced to invent new ways to market their products for maximum returns. Let’s put that aside, today’s competitiveness lies in air superiority between the United States and China. Both nations have enough resources to develop proprietary systems, and none would want its competitor to be at the helm. Air superiority means having sophisticated aircraft with unmatched capabilities with which it can control enemy airspace.

The united states have the fifth-generation fighter jet, the F-22 Raptor, a satisfied air dominance fighting bird. Federal laws prohibit F-22 export. The principal reason for the export ban is to protect its stealth technology and many other classified features from landing in the wrong hands, which obviously are Russia and China. Especially China. Many nations tried so much to lay their hand on the Raptor but in vain. Some, like China, opted to develop their 5th generation and succeeded. At the moment, you should know that the Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon is the third operational fifth-generation fighter aircraft after America’s F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II. (F-22 Raptor launching the AIM-120 AMRAAM Missile: Pinterest)

(F-35 Lightning II: Pinterest)

(J-20 Mighty Dragon: Pinterest)

The Mighty Dragon’s design incorporates air superiority features. However, no combat situations have satisfied it as such. Critics argue that J-20 mimics the F-35 but more on that later. Let’s see what qualifies the F-22 as a fifth-gen fighter.

Chengdu J-20’s Specifications

Had it not been for the two AL-31 Saturn engines with a combined thrust force of 123 Kilo Newtons, the J-20 wouldn’t have had its maiden flight in 2011. (J-20 Mighty Dragon: Pinterest)

(Artistic Impression of The J-20 Mighty Dragon Aircraft In Action: Pinterest)

The Mighty Dragon was adopted to serve the Chinese airforce six years after its first flight. It has an empty weight of 17 tons and 25 tons when fully armed and fueled. The internal and external fuel tanks can accommodate 12 tons of fuel, enough for the jet to cover 5.5 thousand kilometers. This Chinese bird has a peak speed of March 2.0, equivalent to 2469.6 km/h. One pilot not only flies the dragon but also fires the onboard munitions when necessary. There you have it! Like, share, comment, and support the channel by following it.

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