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The Soviet Hammer of War in the Ugandan Air Force

The Russian-developed Mil Mi-24 helicopter is one of the most deadly and versatile aircraft on the planet. For 30 years, the gunship has given the Russian military incredible battlefield mobility and has become a crucial piece in the Air Force of at least 34 countries, and has amassed an impressive record in combat. The famous Mil Mi-24 hind helicopters stemmed from a Soviet Cold War requirement for a heavily armed and armored transport helicopter following in the mold of the equally famous American Bell UH-1 model.


Despite its Cold War upbringing, the hind remains a feared, flexible and proven battlefield implement. Power for the Mil Mi-24 is delivered through a pair of Isotov TV3-17 series turboshaft engines, each delivering up to 2200 horsepower pushing to a top speed of 208 miles per hour (335 km/h) and an operational range nearing 280 miles (451 km). The maximum service ceiling for this rotorcraft is 14,750 feet (4.5 km). Since the weight of the Mil Mi-24 at 8,500 kg when empty. A fully loaded 12,020 kg Mil Mi-24 is a non-agile beast because that weight takes away some of its combat effectiveness when used as a dedicated gunship.


Armament is the heart and soul of the Mil Mi-24 series. A bevy of internal guns has been fitted into the family line throughout its evolution, including the four-barrel 12.7 millimeters Gatling gun and improved through the installation of a 30 millimeters twin-barrel fixed cannon. Its diverse combat operations have been served by integrated cannon or machine gun pods, anti-tank guided missiles, and rockets pods. The Hind can use conventional drop bombs for strategic bombing of the enemy.

So, the Mi Mi-24 was designed specifically for a conflict and made use of cannons, machine guns, rockets, conventional drop bombs, and the regular sorties against its guerrilla foe. Like, share, comment, and follow this channel to get such articles as soon as we publish them. Thank you.

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