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Why Israel Is Said To Have Military Superiority Compared To That Of Palestine

What do you understand by the term military power? Military power means how well and organised a military is in terms of equipments ,training and also the military personnel .

The veto powers are very strong when it comes to military power and superiority. Recently Palestine and Israel have not into good terms and they have been firing attacks at each other. In history the two countries have been in rivalry. Palestine and mostly the part of Gaza is the major problem with Israel. The two countries have well trained personnel. 

Israel gave 3 nuclear submarines ,Landing vessels and 50 patrol vessels while Palestine lacks none . Israel have 3800 tanks while Palestine have none. When we come to armoured vehicles Israel have 6390 while Palestine got only 50 of them. 

Israel us well equipped with nuclear weapons while Palestine have no single nuclear weapon. Israel uses Ballistics missiles where Palestine have none and finally Israel have invested in space technology while Palestine have none.

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