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Story of America's Ex Commando Who Killed Osama And Why He Was Fired From The Squad

One of the most important historical occurrences in human history was the assassination of former al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Having been connected to numerous mass deaths in other countries, such as the well known 1998 bombing of the American embassy in Kenya and attack on the Twin Towers in the United States.

After hearing that the leader had been assassinated under the direction of former US President Barack Obama, the entire globe felt relieved. The footage was broadcast live as Osama's headquarters in the Pakistani city of Abotabad were ambushed by a special unit, the Seal Team Six, as part of the operation known as "Operation Neptune Spear."

Six personnel carried out the operation, although the Criminal Investigations Agency also provided assistance (CIA). One of the six people murdered Osama specifically. Everyone on the team took an oath to treat all similar operations as teamwork, with no one taking credit for himself.

However, one of the team members broke the pledge and claimed all the credit. According to accounts, Osama was particularly assassinated after he revealed it in a leaked interview by a member of seal team six by the name of Robert O'Neil. The "code of silence" states that such crucial information should never leak, and O'Neil is the only one who could have done so.

The penalty for breaking the silent code, which requires that all secrets be kept inside the squad forever, might be death or dismissal from the team. O'Neill continued by saying that whereas the others missed their shots, he hit the nail on the head. His termination from the squad after numerous years of membership was caused by this statement.


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