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Three Reasons Why Photography is Not Allowed Near KDF Barracks

The Kenya Defense Forces has for the longest time prohibited the use of cameras near or inside it's barracks that are many across the country.

Picture courtesy. KDF Soldiers.

The Kenya Defense Forces is one of the best forces across the continent judging by the number of peace keeping missions it has been on.

However, you might not have known why photography is not allowed anywhere near the barracks of the soldiers in Kenya.

Below are the three reasons why photography is not allowed:


One of the reasons why The Kenya Defense Forces does not allow photography is because of the secrets that the KDF has to be involved in while protecting the country from any external enemies.

The drills the soldiers are always engaging in can give the enemy the edge in any war that the army might go to in case of anything like the war in Somalia.

Picture courtesy. KDF Soldiers.

National Security

The issue of national security is one of the most important reasons as to why Kenya Defense Forces does not allow photography near its barracks.

The barracks are not supposed to be seen by many people especially those who the country deems as its enemies.

This is why the location of the barracks is not supposed to be known to the many people outside the country.

Important Arsenal

The Kenya Defense Forces have very important artillery that should not be made public.

These arsenal are not supposed to be known by foreign and domestic enemies who would use that information to their advantage.

The Kenya Defense Forces has acquired some serious artillery over the years that should never be seen by the enemies of the country.

The artillery is expensive to obtain and that is why it has to be kept secret from the public glare.

KDF Vehicle. Picture courtesy.

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