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Military life is all about orders read this to the end.

The huge CH46 sea Knight Tandem rotor helicopter of the US Navy took off from Moi international Airport or mike Oscar at 15.15 Zulu( Zulu is international aviation time similar to GMT) this was a quarter past six east African time.

The drub green painted aircraft headed due north in yet another security run during operation restore hope in the then tribal war torn country of Somali.

This was a cog in the on going operation by the American military machine.

Twenty minutes later the pilot reported his position at two miles 90 degrees to the Mike Oscar victor at Malindi Airport( 90 degrees is west in the zodiac expanse while mike Oscar victor is the D.M.E or distance measuring equipment at Malindi airport)

This was the last communication with the Chinook before it crashed of the coast of Somalia killing all the passengers and crew or soldier's if you like.

The helo was transported by truck to Moi international airport, that's how I found myself and private dayworn of the US marines guarding the wreckage.

The terrorist network or cell in Mombasa had other ideas

The challenge was stop 50 yards away or we will use force anf not only force but including deadly force was the order and the rule of engagement.

At some minutes to midnight while on post, Daywon was showing me the working principle of M16 rifle and the deadly convenience of the rifle grenade launcher under the barrel when we both saw a movement about a hundred meters away on the tarmac, Stop! Who goes there? Dawon challenged in his American drawl, the figure continued moving towards the wreckage, simama wewe ! wewe nani? I repeated the challenge in Kiswahili,

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