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Kenya Navy's Special Operations Squadron in Action


Militaries form special units to tackle the most dangerous and challenging mission. These units undergo specialized training often with the elite forces of developed nations. During the training, they participate in fast-paced simulated battles. These battles enhance their critical thinking and decision-making skills. They also learn to handle various weapons, instruments, and machinery. The training can last between 18 to 36 months, depending on the area of specialization. Upon graduation, the teams will be ready to take on different missions like counter-terrorism, search and rescue, surveillance, and fire suppression. The United Kingdom pioneered informing the special forces regiment dubbed Special Air Service (SAS) in 1941. SAS’s versatility and successes influenced other nations to make up such units. Special operation forces are now a military customary. This article reviews Kenya’s special forces under the Naval unit. Let’s get started.


Security vulnerabilities along the Kenyan maritime border prompted the Government to establish the special operation Squadron (SOS). SOS is more or less the army’s special operation regiment (SOR) in terms of training and mission specialism. They differ in locality and machine operation. SOS operates along the northern coastline near Somalia, where risks are high. The unit uses special patrol boats that maneuver on the water at high speeds.


The boats have modern weapon systems, like fire control radars, missiles, and high-caliber guns. SOS trained with the elite US marines through a joint task force operation in 2010. And the marines continue supporting them. They recently assisted the SOS in the creation of subunits. These subunits include the special boat unit (SBU), operating modern defender-class boats, and the clearance diving unit (CDU), conducting deep-sea diving missions and training the naval combat divers. The creation of the SOS boosted Kenya Navy’s already lethal reputation. Thank you guys for reading to the end. Kindly support this channel by clicking the follow button. Remember to like the article, share, and comment below.

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