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The Only Thing That Makes USA Army The Most Powerful Army

The threat from military advances of China and Russia are at the doorstep of the United States of America. The US risks loosing its long-kept titel - the greatest country in the world. But even with advanced industrialization from its enemies, the US has still managed to remain on top because of the following reason:

Air Power

During the second world war, one deadliest confrontation between the US and Japan positioned America on top of the world most-powerful countries. As history records it, America dropped bombs on two Japanese cities prompting them to surrender unconditionally.

From this, it can be seen that ability to form a strong air force has contributed to success of the US army. Currently, the US has ventured into nuclear technology and manufacturing of advanced fighter jets. Although we hope that no war will break soon, it may be equally right to say, the United States is prepared.

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