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Elite RDU Tactical Team in Tiaty Recovers 203 Stolen Goats After Pursuing Bandits For Three Days

Banditry has been a menace in the county of Turkana for the past few months as per the reliable reports that we have with us but the government has always ensured that there are enough personnel to deal with the menace.

Picture courtesy. Image from the scene.

This afternoon, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us from the Rapid Deployment Unit of the Administration Police Service, 203 goats were recovered from bandits which had been stolen from Tiaty.

It's reported that on the night of 30th November 2022, armed bandits are said to have raided Nadome Village that is found within Turkana East Sub-County, in Tiaty and made away with an unknown number of cattle.

Picture courtesy. RDU Officers.

Response was quickly initiated from the Elite tactical team, Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) and dispatched to the affected area in pursuit of the armed Bandits.

Today, the Rapid Deployment Unit team is said to have caught up with the bandits who took off upon sight of the officers, to the thickets leaving behind 203 Goats.

The elite Rapid Deployment Unit team has continued to comb the nearby villages in search of the run away bandits so that they can be brought to justice. m

Picture courtesy. Image of the recovered goats.

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