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America Never Exports this Powerful Rifle, Find Out Why

All of us know that the United States of America deployed its troops to Afghanistan in 2001. The public knew little about what was happening in Afghanistan until the withdrawal of troops in 2021. People have come up with theories on why the US military went to Afghanistan. Some claim that America was exploiting Kabul’s mineral-rich topography, but we know Washington was trying to restore peace and democracy in a war-torn country. Soldiers experienced various challenges during their twenty years in Afghanistan that had to be solved for efficient operations in a foreign land with severe conditions. Some challenges were dehydration, overheating, and carrying different firearms for varied missions all at once. All these problems came into the picture during the early mission days.

Companies like DURPA hastily solved the problem of overheating and dehydration because the duo is directly linked to the body’s physiological processes. Carrying different bulky ordinances for a mission required creative brains and time, but still, it was solved. Defense institutions had to come up with ingenious weapons, combining several roles into one unit. One such armament is the infamous M26-Modular Accessory Shotgun System (M26-MASS). (M26-MASS: Pinterest)

(Stock M26-MASS: Pinterest)

It is a lethal shotgun, at the same time a powerful rifle. C-More Competition specifically designed and manufactured the system for the US Army, and it is never exported to other countries.

The rifle part of the system is more or less a customized M4 carbine, while the attachment system is a custom-made shotgun. (A soldier holding M26-MASS: Wikipedia)

(M26-MASS in action: Pinterest)

Soldiers fell in love with the M26-MASS because it is lightweight and enables them to engage enemy infantries, as well as bursting doors open. The M4 system uses 5.56 caliber rounds, while the shogun system uses gauge 12 ammunitions. There you have it! Show support by following this channel. Like, comment, and share.

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