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Fugitive Convicts Moved To The Highly Guarded Anti-Terror Police Unit Headquarters

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Three terror convicts who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison have been moved out of Kamiti Maximum Prison as a probe into their escape from prison continues.

The three will be detained for ten more days under the tight security of Anti-Terror Police Unit Officers. Joseph Juma Odhiambo, Musharaf Abdalla and Mohammed Ali Abhukhar will be under the maximum security at the ATPU headquarters as investigations into their escape continues.

Police say they are seeking more evidence and information to arrest those who helped the terrorists out of prison. Police discovered three phone contacts that were in constant communication with them on their way to the Kenya-Somalia boarder before their arrest.

One of the men reportedly confessed to bribing the guards in the highly guarded prison to help them escape.

This is according to a statement from Vetelo Komu, a reservist police officer who arrested the detainees in Makuluyuni village in Kitui with the help of local residents. "When we arrested them, one of them burst into tears and said that we would rather kill him than take him back to the Committee." "The officer recounted.

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