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Mistakes Recruits Make That Cost Them The KDF Job

Enlisting into the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is not an easy task. You have to be pushed to your limits and out of your comfort zones. Each year, the KDF takes new soldiers into the force and trains them.

These individuals come from a majority of citizens who turn up to join the army. However, these individuals make gravious mistakes which ultimately end up costing them their jobs.

During the training, there is a lot of physical activity involved to make a soldier fit. Some recruits normally come from comfortable lifestyles making their stay at the barracks difficult during traininig. As a result, many quit as they are not used to such a tough life.

Another thing is that most youths abuse illicit drugs which are strictly prohibited in the army. Upon medical checkup, the army has no option but to send them back home.

Which other mistakes do you think recruits make that prevent them from joining the KDF?

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