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What's the significance of suppressive- fire and Aiming in combat?

First of all,most engagements occurs very suddenly and mostly at very close quarters.And yes in some instances it does happen and it's referred to as suppressive fire.

The science behind that is to unleash fire power so intense in the general direction of the enemy forces that they hide or take cover and still be unable to return fire.Suppressive fire power will impede their motions and buy time for the defence force to call in air support or allow the unit to maneuver closer to the enemy to get a more fighting edge.Moreso,suppressive fire is meant to prevent the enemy force from mobilizing or conducting their operations efficiently which is vital to winning a war.

Now, there might be time to start aiming to some degree more than just shooting in the general direction.And as the muzzle gives away the enemy's position,the soldier will use this opportunity to neutralize his enemy.

In conclusion,good shooting by the soldier is not just about aiming.Its about applying all four marksmanship principles and only the third principle is about aiming.

1) The shooting position and holding the firearm must be firm enough to support the assault rifle.

2) The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort.

3)Sight alignment and sight picture must be correct.

4) The shot must be released and followed through without undue disturbance to the position.

Applying the above requires alot of practice and concentration than simply aiming.And thus reason why as to why soldiers keep practicing to sharpen those skills.

The takeaway is,when a soldier is in a solid position,and the enemy is unaware of his presence,not properly aiming his weapon is inexcusable.In such a case,unaimed fire is considered a waste of ammunition.Thank you.

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