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Check Out What Happened To Osama Bin Laden's Residence 10 Years After His Death in 2011

Osama Bin Laden was killed on May 2, 2011, in Pakistan by the United States Navy seals. A total of five people were killed during this raid. They included Osama Bin Laden and his son Khalid, bin Laden's courier, Abu Ahmed al- Kuwait, Al- Kuwait brother Abrar and his wife. The late al-Qaeda leader has well remembered for master planning the September 11 attacks. This attack led to the death of over 3000 people.

The house was built in 2005 and it occupied 3500 Square meters of land. The perimeter wall around the house was 3.7 to 5.5 meters tall and it was reinforced with barbed wire on top. The house had several Security cameras fitted around the house and aerial photographs showed several satellite dishes. In addition to that, the house did not have phones or Internet wires.

The compound was located near the Pakistan military academy and less than 100km from the capital city of Pakistan. The compound was nicknamed haveli by the locals which means mansion in Pakistan. The compound also had a grazing area that hosted a Buffalo, a cow, and a deep well that supplied the water. There was also a garden that cabbages and potatoes were planted.

According to Intelligence reports, the late Osama bin Laden may have moved into the mansion on 6 January 2006. This was his final hideout place after his family decided to settle down after being on the run for over 10 years.

The house was later demolished by the Pakistan government in February 2012. This was mainly done to prevent it from being turned into a neo-Islamist shrine by the Al-Qaeda members. The government later announced that they had plans to build an amusement park in the compound. It was estimated that it could cost around 30 million US dollars to complete the entire project.

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