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2 Reason Why Israel Might Never Be Defeated By Any County In War

1. Support From the United States of America

Israel and America are well known for fighting Jihadism. They receive a lot of support from Israel in terms of money and war weapons. They also receive a lot of supports from The Americans in International forums.

2. Well-equipped air force, Army, and Navy forces

Israel has one of the best air forces in the world. They use warplanes that are well equipped with the new technology. You can never win a war against a country that is well equipped like Israel, the United States of America, and Russia. Israel soldiers are well trained to fight in any terrain.

In May 2021 year, Israel intercepted and destroyed missiles launched from Gaza using the Iron Dome Defense system. This is a system that is designed to destroy missiles while still in the air.

Israel is well equipped and has a lot of potential soldiers who farewell trained to handle any external threats in thier country.

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