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African Countries Rich Enough to Buy the Dreaded S-300 and S-400 Missiles

We have seen Russia manufacturing and deploying modern weapons whose damage can not be quantified. The weapons lethality has prompted the US congress to hold several emergency meetings to discuss how best they deter Moscow from developing, selling, or using such weapons. These armaments are mainly surface-to-air missiles (SAM), cruise missiles, and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), all falling under S-300 and S-400 series. (S-400 SAM system)

(S-300 SAM system)

United States has gone further to buy one S-400 system to evaluate its capabilities and develop countermeasures. On the other hand, few African countries have purchased the same systems for their armies, and they include.

i. Egypt

Whenever there is a military discussion in Africa, Cairo must be mentioned, and for obvious reasons. The leadership of this Noth African country always has its armed forces in mind. It will stop at nothing until its personnel is well-armed. In 2014, their vast military budget paid for several S-300 units. Their efforts have gone a long way in making Egypt the African defense superpower. In 2017, the same government again went to Russian and brought more units of S-400 systems. No one knows why Egypt keeps strengthening its military.

ii. Ethiopia

Believe it or not, Ethiopia is armed with two units of S-300 SAMs. Remember, a module has six missiles, each having several warheads. These systems are near the Blue Nile river at Millennium Dam.

iii. Morocco

I think North African states have taken military modernization to another level. They seem to work in tandem. Whatever is in Egypt’s arsenal is likely to be in Morocco’s armory. The country also procured S-400 air defense systems. A move that is said to be inspired by Egypt.

iv. Algeria

A pattern is emerging here. Countries in the northern Sahara region seem to stop at nothing in getting the dreaded missiles. Algeria is also on the list of having S-400 and 300 systems. There you have it! Show support by following the channel, like, share and comment.

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