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KDF Officers Graduate From High Level Training Exercise Involving Parachuting into Combat [Photos]

The Kenya Defense Forces has been at the center of ensuring that Kenyans are always safe from all external activities that seek to destabilize the peace that the millions of Kenyans enjoy.

Picture courtesy. Image from the training.

Through the Kenya Navy, Kenya Army and the Kenya Air Force, the Kenya Defense Forces is able to maintain the peace in a way that has not yet been witnessed across the continent and the world over where they have been lauded.

This evening, according to reliable reports from the Kenya Defense Forces Official Social Media Handle, there was a training exercise at the Moi Air Base where they learnt very many skills.

This is the largest number of students that have ever graduated from the facility since the Free Fall Training Exercise started in 1988 at the facility.

The Free Fall Training Exercise draws soldiers from the Kenya Navy, Kenya Air Force and the Kenya Navy on the techniques of using a Parachute when in combat or in emergency situations.

The training exercises involved, airborne exit techniques, free fall techniques, emergency drills while airborne and landing, flight and canopy control techniques, landing techniques among many others.

This is important for the soldiers to be able to effectively dispense their duties while administering peace and stability to other regions and not just Kenya.

Since the training started in 1988, the techniques have been applied during, Agricultural Society of Kenya Show displays, Public Holiday celebrations and military insertions.

Picture courtesy. Image from the training.

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