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Netizens React After Three Kamiti Terrorists Were Captured

The escape of the three terrorists from the highly guarded Kamiti maximum prisons has caused alot of controversies online and offline. Many Kenyans have been arguing about it considering the take of events that followed each other after the escape.

One Kenyan by the name Bravin Yuri has taken to twitter and argued that the escape might have been scripted as the escape looks unreal. He wrote," Kenya huwa tu some Scripted movie. For real. 3 terrorists escape from a heavily guarded prison. The head is fired replaced by a Retired Brigadier(Prison militarized). A 60 million bounty is issued then they are caught in record 2 days. Very efficient officers. Congratulations."

Kenyans have commented on his post and here are some of their takes.

Boyz: Kwanza they're caught together!!TOGETHER!! like they couldn't have taken other routes and ended up in the same venue.

Mr L Bett: Correct if you think am wrong. Maybe this is a cartels work in the government.Planned prison break, issue a 60 million bounty.Prisoners are told where to head.One local is told where to get the prisoners.Later the money might be released not in full amount. Cartel cleans money


To escape in kamiti that have to be the most brilliant minds, and the top minds cant be arrested in that manner.. theris something fishy

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