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Sad as Deadly Twin Blasts Rock Kampala

Business was on Tuesday 16 November, 2021 brought to a stand still in Kampala, Uganda as the city was hit by twin blasts, leaving dozens of people people injured. According to reports by the local media, the blasts broke through the Kampala city center this morning as vehicles were driven in and out of the city for normal duties.

Sources reveal that the two blasts that went off simultaneously, one at the entrance of the Central Police Station and another one near the Parliament building, brought traffic and business to a standstill as police rescue vehicles and ambulances rushed to the scene.

Security toppings have hence been implemented at the scene as all roads near the blasts have been closed and evacuation of people from the the nearby buildings is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Ugandan police bomb squad is searching around and their hopes are high considering that there are security cameras on the Parliament Avenue which will enable them to identify the events before the blast.

Ambulances are taking the injured to hospitals even though official details of injuries and dead have not been released yet.

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