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The Number Of Bullets That Laikipia Bandits' M16 Guns Can Produce Per Minute And Second

War broke in laikipia county whereby bandits are attacking the residents and destroying their homes and properties. The bandits have been realised to be using a very dangerous weapon to fight. This has given the Kenyan military officers a hard time and sleepless nights in bid to control and fight with bandicts.

They are using M16 guns as disclosed by Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya. While according to citizen TV news that were anchored yesterday at 7 p.m, the M16 gun being used by these bandits can produce 60 bullets per minute which means that the gun is capable of producing one bullet per second.

This rate at which the guns are producing the bullets has made it difficult for the Kenyan military officers to cope with these bandits as they are becoming difficult to handle. It means one minute attack can kill over 60 police officers and that the guns are becoming a threat to the security team being deployed in the area.

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