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Opinion: Secrets KDF Soldiers Can Never Leak to Their Wives

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers are always required to attain a certain level of secrecy. They are banned from openly talking to the media without prior authorization or revealing any information that is deemed critical by the military.

Leaking such information often leads to dire consequences that may include dismissal from service or even imprisonment. Although soldiers love their spouses so much, there are things they cannot tell them no matter what.

A KDF staff can never reveal to their spouses where they get deployed, train, or the type of training they receive. In addition, they can never leak secret government operations that they perform.

Following a passout, an officer takes an oath never to reveal the secrets of the military and keeps this oath even after retirement. If you see any information online regarding the KDF, it is because they have allowed it to be made public.

Do you think secrecy on a spouse is a good thing?

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