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The 30 Female Guards Who Offered Maximum Protection To Gadaffi [Photos]

Libya is always know to have one of the greatest leaders in the history. Remember the hero know as Muammar Gadaffi who ruled Libyan republic for 42 years. He is one of the most memorable leader who wanted to unite the African countries to be one and be a state.

When the USA say this they new it would be the most powerful so they did something to stop him. In his ruling he loved been guarded by the female soldiers because they were loyal.

He said any female soldier who wanted to protect him must be tall and a virgin. They were not supposed to be committed to other duties instead be his personal guard.

This was evident since in 1988 a soldier happened to take a bullet that was supposed to kill Gadaffi and even other 2 soldiers were injured. When he was killed he spoke the most emotional words that, " what have I done for you." He is the hero though a decorator we always salute.

What do you think about the late Libyan hero?

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