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Well Equipped Vehicle That Jams Phone Calls And Remote Controlled Bombs When President Is Around

According to JSW magazine, protecting the president, VIPs as well as expensive goods from remote improvised explosives devices is becoming a challenge and tremendous task in securing field. Some countries enormous amount of money to provide security for their president or prime minister like US and Russia.

Have you notice that their is vehicle that have antennas or box-like devices in convoy? It is used to jam phone calls and stop remote controlled bombs from detonating.The vehicle is armoured to level B6 so as to provide full protection for driver, passengers and devices.

Fully-integrated broadband jamming system covers, continuously and simultaneously, the RF communication frequencies most commonly used by terrorists to detonate road-side bombs. This have reduce significantly assassinations that were being reported almost on daily basis.

Latest technologies features ultra-high RF transmission power of 1000 watts, resulting a greater radius of coverage around the vehicle. A set of high-gain omni-directional antennas are mounted on the roof and the rear of the vehicle.

It can be fitted to most 4×4 vehicles to provide protection whilst on the move or parked in an area of threat. Using the Digital RF Blackshadow Jamming technology, the system will provide protection against the threat of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosives Devices (RCIED) and prevent the use of unauthorised communication technology. It is ideally deployed to protect military, police and special security forces.

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