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Once Again Bandits Prove They Fear Nothing, Attacks Again In Presence Of KDF Soldiers In North Rift

In Kagir village on March 16, 2023, a group of bandits launched an attack, resulting in the loss of one life and the theft of 400 cattle. Despite the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) being stationed nearby, the attackers were able to carry out their raid successfully.

The bandits arrived in the early hours of the morning and began firing indiscriminately, causing chaos and resulting in the death of one person and several injuries. They then proceeded to steal 400 cattle before fleeing the area. The KDF had been deployed to the region in response to previous bandit attacks, but their presence was not enough to prevent the latest attack. Currently, the KDF is searching for the stolen cattle and working to track down the perpetrators.

Banditry has been an ongoing issue in the region, and despite government efforts to address it, the problem persists. The bandits are well-armed and organized, making it challenging for security forces to counter their attacks effectively.

The attack in Kagir village highlights the continued security challenges facing the area, and urgent action needs to be taken to address the underlying causes of banditry and improve safety. It is crucial that the government works closely with local communities to find a lasting solution to this problem, which threatens the safety and livelihoods of those in the affected areas.

Content created and supplied by: Alganonkadi (via Opera News )

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