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Intelligence Reports Reveal How Clever Bandits Attack The Villages In Pairs To Counter KDF, Police

According to intelligence reports, it has been revealed that bandits in areas of the Kenyan North designated as unsettled and hazardous have adopted guerilla tactics to fight military and police forces.

The police and Kenya Defence Forces forces deployed to the region to crack down on and neutralize the bandits' activities have grown increasingly frustrated with the bandits' increasingly common tactics.

According to local police reservists, the bandits always travel in pairs within the manyattas (villages). A second pair will approach village B from a different direction while the first pair strikes village A to the west.

Guerrilla warfare includes unconventional warfare methods, such as surprise attacks and ambushes, raids, hit-and-run tactics, and sabotaging soft targets, to counteract a superior military power.

As the attacks have been undertaken in a guerilla fashion, it is impossible for security forces to respond to them.

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