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Bullet proof luxury cars

A bullet proof car is a vehicle fitted with partial or complete Armour plating for protection against bullets, they are mostly owned by military but it is also possible for any other person apart from military to own a bullet proof vehicle. Another alternative is that you can decide to bullet proof your car,this help its occupants from attacks, blast and bullets. They are also known as armored vehicles

There are two types of armored vehicles ; military armored vehicles and civilian armored vehicles, the different between the two is that, civilian armored vehicle are inconspicuous and have almost the same design as other cars.

The whole armoring process takes about six to ten weeks from start to finish. Material to be used to bullet proof a car should be thin enough to fit inside a vehicle and should also have the ability to stop the desired threat. Example are ballistic nylon, steel, polymer and armored glass. The material mostly used to bullet - proof a car are resin because it's high three-dimensional cross linked density and the fiberglass which is the most affordable composite fabric.

Installation of bullet proof glass in private cars can be done for protection in their vehicle, but a crylic bullet proof glass can only be destroyed by hitting them for 5 minutes with a sledge hammer and after that a single rifle can be used to break the glass.

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