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Unique Bomb China Is Testing, Travels 6 Times The Speed Of Sound, Evades Radar, Range Of 2000 Miles

China has grown so quickly in it's technology both infrastructural, robotics and even in military developments. In a latest developmentC, Chinais currently testing a hypersonic bomb according to the "SUN" Newspaper. The bomb currently being tested has a speed 6 times the speed of sound and can reach a range of upto 2000 miles.

The bomb is very unique. It is capable of disrupting and destroying telecommunication networks and power systems within 10 seconds producing intense electromagnetic radiation.

The bomb that is being developed by China Academy Of Launch Vehicle Technology can also dodge radar detection and can release 95% of it's Energy in just 10 seconds.

The new technology of bomb making can disrupt the telecommunication services and power distribution in a radius spanning 2km.

In it's radar dodging,the bomb due to it's fast speed, air around it get ionised to plasma state of matter to cover the bomb hence radar signals cannot be penetrated to detect the bomb.

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