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Four Differences Between Enlisted and Commissioned Officers in The KDF

The Kenya Defense Forces is a major force to be reckoned with in Africa given its sheer size in numbers as well as the arsenal at its disposal.

Picture courtesy. KDF Commissioned Officers.

The Kenya Defense Forces has two types of recruitment exercises that are conducted annually for enlistmen and commissioned officers for the the force.

These two ranks in the Kenya Defense Forces defer greatly and below, you will get to see how they are different from each other.

Here are the differences between getting recruited by enlisting and commission as an Officer:


The first stark difference between the two types of soldiers is the fact that an enlisted soldier will start as a private while an officer will start as a second lieutenant in the Kenya Defense Forces.


The two soldiers will start at a very different salary grade as their ranks are miles apart in the KDF.

A private in the Kenya Defense Forces typically starts with a salary of 32,000 Kenya Shillings while a Lieutenant starts with about 78,000 Kenya Shillings per month.

Academic Qualifications

To be enlisted into the army, all you are required to have is a form four certificate with a minimum grade of a D plus for men and D for women and you must be between 18 and 26 years.

To be commissioned as an officer in the Kenya Defense Forces, you will need at least a bachelor's degree and at most 30 years of age.

Picture courtesy. Enlistment recruitment.


In the KDF, enlistmen will do jobs like infantry roles, most jobs involve hands-on training for mechanical, transportation, human service or office field.

Officers are the managers of the Military, acting in leadership roles that require planning, directing operations and making critical decisions.

Officer positions also include careers that require advanced degrees, such as law and medicine.

Enlistment. Picture courtesy.

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